His house was warm. It was near the beach. It had weird slants. He lived in the upper room where the ceiling slopes downward and little sailboats were painted around the one-inch space right around the upper wall. It was like a land of Tin-Tin and Snowy, an old English comic book, or a fake upper class that existed only in his imagination. I would dream of that caricature as I lay in my sailboat room with downward slope and weird slanted house.
It was right on University, which is a street here. Preston Hollow is where I live and the trees are high. That’s the most amazing thing about Dallas, there are a lot of tall trees and a weird green fluorescent bulb that people constantly choose to use to light up their front lawns. This place really glows in the dark. It shines.
When you mesh different places in your mind, which is beneficial to me because you have to realize I’m existing all at the same time. Einstein proved this. Alright, now this character is meshing in my mind, and I see him as Giovanni Ribisi from an X-Files episode where he creates lightning. Maybe I’m slow too. Anti-generational pulpit.
I’m waiting for the autumn to get hear so I can listen to some good piano music and jazz and watch the leaves change with the fireplace smell in the air. Blankets. Cozy. Stinging nose. Hear and there. I’m not slow. Don’t be so self-conscious.
I’m really just living as a mesh, like I mentioned. I’m totally focused right here. In this moment. Which is every moment. This is so helpful. Meditative. Soul-nourishing to consider that I’m here and that’s all that matters in the entire universe. When you’re really flowing, it’s really incredible.
There used to be this place called Not Just Soccer on Preston, I think it’s still there. It was a soccer store don’t let the name fool you, it was clever. It smells like soccer too. All rubbery and synthetic. Kids that grow up with sports really get used to things that are really the product of some desire to delusion-pretend with praise, and when they become parents in a cycle, it will continue to go on.